Life: on turning 24 and medication

Life on turning 24 and being on medication

It is safe to say that 23 was not a great year in life for me. I never thought I would be excited to turn another year older but I could not wait to leave 23 in my past.

Twenty-three was a year of anxiety, depression and change.

It was not all bad but it has been hard and I am ready to begin feeling more like myself (and spoiler alert: I am starting to feel more and more like myself again).

Life at 24

I have been 24 for almost a month now and so far, it is going much better than 23. I have so much more energy and clarity in my mind. I am getting back to taking care of myself on all fronts.

I have a drive that I lost over the last 12 months and this blog will be seeing more activity because of it. I am excited to take on this year of life out of the shadow of depression.

Life on medication

I am on week six of medication and the difference is like night and day. Things that would normally cause me anxiety I am able to slow down and process. I don’t have ups and downs throughout the day like I did. I feel so much more like the Sarah I was for (at least) 22 years.

For me, the side effects are light. I have some issues falling asleep but my physician hopes that will go away over time. We found that I am sensitive to medication so I am on a low dose and if I am able, I want to keep this dosage.

As I had hoped for, most everything in my life seems a little easier now. I have more energy, despite the trouble getting to sleep, and my parents and Nolan have commented on the change. It sounds cliche but I really can’t believe I waited this long.

Getting back to myself

With my newfound energy I am excited to work on my health again from every angle. I am taking time to workout and eat better as well as mentally taking care of myself.

It is scary to think about the place I was in. Depression is a very real thing and it affects so much more than just the mind. Physically, my skin was dull and pale and I couldn’t find the energy to anymore than the bare minimum. Mentally, I was a mess of anxiety and worry. I am happy to not be in that space anymore.

Each day I feel more and more like myself and I don’t plan on getting back into that dark place.

I imagine my posting will continue to be a little sporadic until I generate a content calendar but I am so happy to be back.

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