First steps

Every time I sit down to write I blank. I feel that:

A. I don’t have anything to say,

B. stupid

and C. like I have too many things to say and I don’t know where to start.

I think about who will even read these words or if I even want people reading them.

I wrote in a journal recently (on one of the many attempts I made at journaling) that “I know I should start a blog but I don’t know where to start. The ironic thing is that all that I need to do is start.” So here I am, starting.

I also wrote about lacking confidence in myself as a writer and a “blogger”. I haven’t found my voice quite yet but how am I to find it without practicing. I’ve never fully committed to a blog and, while I can’t promise I’ll be writing every day, I want to see where this process can take me.

I recently moved into Portland and I’m in such an amazing and fun neighborhood. I want to write about my experiences and share all the things I love about this city.

In addition to that I want to write about my struggles and successes with finding the right career path and my frustrations, joys and lessons I think every one can learn from.

I chose journalism as a major because I love hearing people’s personal stories. So, I guess what I hope is that this blog can become my personal story.

Me (right) with my roommate

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