About the blogger

Life as Rough is a lifestyle blog run by 23-year-old blogger, Sarah Rough, that focuses on health, fitness, confidence and mental health.About the blogger:

Hello and welcome! My name is Sarah and I am a 24 year old residing in Portland, Ore. Life as Rough was established in 2015 as a way to keep up with my writing and store my memories but soon turned into an afterwork activity I always looked forward to.

I have been reading blogs for years now and I have always wanted to start my own but was never confident enough to put myself out there until now. The focus of this blog has changed over its year of life and will continue to change as I do.

Day-to-day I work as an Project Coordinator for a small pharmaceuticals company specializing in the dry eye marketΒ but in the evenings I am working on improving my writing, editing, marketing, social media and web design skills. I have strong interests in healthy living, fitness and self-love, which is what you’ll find most posts are about.

In my spare time I enjoy good beer, great company, bagels, dogs (as displayed above) and exploring new places/restaurants/recipes/workouts/etc.

About the blog:

Life as Rough began mostly as aΒ hobby and an outlet for my post-grad journalism-major writing-withdrawals (clearly I am out of practice with that tongue twister) but soon turned into a passion. Life as Rough is a lifestyle blog focusing on health, fitness, confidence and mental health.

About the name:

My last name is Rough and the number one joke I hear about it (and the number one joke I make myself) is how life must be rough *insert chuckle*. So, I thought I would do a play on words of “Life is Rough” with “Life as Rough” and here we are. I should also note that I love puns. This has also taken on a slightly different meaning as I have been dealing with some health issues regarding anemia and anxiety, which both contribute to having little-to-no energy so yeah, lately life has been rough but I am taking the necessary steps to get my health back one day at a time.